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Dan Feliciano

Strategy, Finance, Operations & Technology, & Analytics Consultant

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Our Featured Lean Six Sigma Courses

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma can be applied to every industry and process, and its benefits have increased in recent years. Six Sigma is a data-driven statistical approach to improving processes by removing variation and making it nearly perfect, Six Sigma helps prevent errors, reduces downtime, makes processes more reliable and significantly reduce costs.

Lean emphasizes the importance of flow and the reduction of waste in processes. Waste is defined as anything that doesn't change the form, fit, or function of a product or service and a customer wouldn't be willing to pay for.

Some of the many benefits of Lean Six Sigma include increased efficiency, increased productivity, improved inventory management, increased employee morale, reduced turnaround time, increased customer service and satisfaction, Improved profitability

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