Danz Next Event – Building a Balanced Scorecard: “Identifying Key Performance Variables”

Date 1/17/08
Building a Balanced Scorecard: “Identifying Key Performance Variables”
Balanced Scorecard methodologies have emerged as a proven and effective tool to capture, describe, and translate organizations’ strategic goals, into meaningful objectives at corporate, divisional, and individual employee levels, thereby allowing for the strategies to be successfully implemented. During this exciting event, you will learn how to create a draft scorecard for your function or process, and learn more as we discuss:
* Basic concepts of balanced scorecards and how it can be used to improve organization performance
* Key concepts behind an effective Strategy Map
* How the Balanced Scorecard methodology can be used to drive Operational Excellence and Organizational Alignment

For more information contact slick1122@comcast.net

When: Thursday, January 17th 2008

Time: 5:30pm Registration

Place: Windjammer in South Burlington

Cost: $20 ASQ and TPC Members); $30 for non-members Buffet Dinner will be provided!

Reduce your transactional backlogs and transactional cycle times by 50% each in 45 days! Step 1

Ok, you want to want to be a Lean Six Sigma Rock Star. This is the first step in reducing your transactional backlogs and transactional cycle times by 50% each in 45 days.
Have your employees who resolve your customer issues, cases, complaints, bugs or whatever, document all the tasks they do in a month and how much time is spent doing each task. To make it easy, create a spreadsheet for them to populate.
Examples of tasks are; answering email, training, meetings, special projects and so on.
After they have done so, review the document to understand how much time they spend doing other things rather than the primary activities and tasks they were hired to do.
What are thoughts? What have you learned? What percentage of their total time is doing things they weren’t hired to do?

Simplified Strategy Planning for outrageous success

Do you want to have a fabulous year? Do the following and your organization will have more success this year than in any previous year!

Step 1: Review and refine your organization’s vision

Step 2: Create meaningful and strategically essential organizational objectives (a vital few) that align to your vision

Step 3: Align your organization’s performance metrics to the organization’s vital few objectives listed in step 2 (cascade these measures to every function, team and person throughout the organization)

Step 4: Identify strategic initiatives that are required to achieve your organization’s vital few objectives

Step 5: Assign ownership and accountability of each of the vital few objectives and associated initiatives to an executive that reports to you (do not allow the executives to delegate ownership of the objectives)

Step 6: Let the fun begin!!!!

Communicate, communicate and communicate the status of the vital few objectives in every communication produced. Don’t let the organization confuse other non-critical activities with your vital few objectives.

Need help, with a strategic planning methodology, tools, or software, give me buzz!

Anything not worth doing is worth not doing well. Think about it.
Elias Schwartz