Cost for Six Sigma program for Erie County climbs to more than $1 million

The Buffalo News is reporting that “The price of Erie County’s efficiency effort — the much-touted Lean Six Sigma program — is mushrooming to more than $1 million.”
Come on, you don’t have to spend a million bucks to get a good Lean Six Sigma program up and running.
Alfred Hammonds Jr., Six Sigma Director, wants train hundreds of employees over the next two and a half years. Come on, you don’t need to train hundreds of people to have a successful six sigma program. I would start with a few well trained, coached, and mentored Black Belts to see if the culture can sustain and accept the discipline of six sigma. Six Sigma isn’t for everyone.

Achieving Double-Digit Growth

In his blockbuster book “Double-Digit Growth How Great Companies Achieve It – No Matter What”, Michael Treacy claims companies can achieve double-digit growth by applying the following five disciplines.
• The first discipline – keep your existing customer base
• The second discipline is – take customers away from your competitors
• The third discipline is – establish a position in growth markets or segments
• The fourth discipline is – enter adjacent markets
• The fifth discipline is – invest in unrelated businesses

What have you done to keep your existing customers, especially the profitable ones? Do you even know who are your profitable customers?

What have you done to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Hopefully you haven’t commoditized your products by competing on price.

80 percent of the organizations that regularly use the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ (BSC) reported improvements in operating performance

Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com recently ran a story indicating, “According to recent survey of more than 1,000 organizations, 80 percent of the organizations that regularly use the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ (BSC) reported improvements in operating performance and 66 percent of them also reported an increase in profits. Correspondingly, a significant majority, 61 percent, reported improvements in bottom-line financial results.”

My question to you is, how many of you have a balanced scorecard for 2008? Probably not many.

More importantly, now that we’re a quarter into the fiscal year, how many of you still don’t have goals and objectives. Once again, probably most of you.

American Society for Quality Vermont Section Earns Top Honors

As you know, I’m the chair of Vermont Section 0012 of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). We recently received the following notice:
The Vermont Section 0012 of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has earned the 2006-07 Section Management Process Total Quality Award, one of the highest honors a section can earn in the Society. 90 of 255 ASQ sections earned this award for the 2006-07 year.
Read the press release

Creating a Balanced Scorecard Recent Program Comments

You missed a great presentation on the Balanced Scorecard that I recently gave to over 30 people at a recent Vermont ASQ event.

Here are some of the comments;
“It’s always a pleasure to hear you speak. I continue to learn volumes from you, and enjoy your special flavor of humor” – Mike

“It was great to see you yesterday and hear your enthusiasm again! I had forgotten how charged up you get about quality and just plain good business practice! ;-)” –

Click here for the presentation

If you’re interested in great Strategy Mapping and Balanced Scorecard software click here. If you have problems with the software or need assistance setting it up contact me.