You don’t need Change Acceleration Process (CAP) training… you need organizationally defined measured communicated, aligned goals and objectives!

A friend of mine mentioned that his organization was engaging a consulting group to do CAP training for all it’s employees. Please!!

Listed below are some commonly accepted definitions / explanations of CAP;

  • Change Acceleration Process (CAP) – CAP is a change management strategy and set of tools that ensures effectiveness of change through cultural acceptance. The skills and tools contained in CAP guide co-workers through the process of accepting change, from creating a shared need, shaping a vision and mobilizing commitment, to teaching them how to make change last, monitor processes, and change systems and structures to ensure the process can move from its current state to an improved state.
  • Change Acceleration Process (CAP) participants will learn the tools and techniques to become CAP facilitators and help fellow employees accept and accelerate these rapid changes.
    • Course Objectives: By the end of the CAP workshop, students will:
    • Be able to explain the “CAP Model”
    • Have practiced using and facilitating various CAP tools
    • Have applied some CAP tools to your department/organization
    • Have coached other participants in effective tool use, delivery, and facilitation
    • Share best practices
  • Change acceleration process (CAP) is a set of principles designed to increase the success and accelerate the implementation of organizational change efforts.
    • create a shared need for the change
    • understand and deal with resistance from key stakeholders
    • build an effective influence strategy and communication plan for the change
    • Drives fast, yet sustainable organizational change.
    • Promotes a positive environment for driving change in human behaviors, eliminates resistance and engages all those affected by the change.
    • Complements the technical strategy with the human strategy.

All this CAP stuff is very interesting to me. However, if only 5% of organizations employees understand the organization’s strategy, what are the chances that the person asking you to change really understands what needs to be changed and why? It’s not that people don’t like change… they don’t like ambiguity and punishment.

Organizations need to focus on creating and communicating strategies to the employees. Done correctly, creating goals, objectives, measures, targets, and identifying and resourcing key initiatives, organizations face less resistance to change. Especially, if the organization cascades the highest level goals, objectives, and measures to all the people within the organization.

If you want to accelerate change, it can be done easily by creating goals, objectives, measures, targets, and identifying and resourcing key initiatives for your organization and then cascading the measure and initiatives to every person throughout the organization.

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